The Cardinal Sky The Sky Saga 1

She was the hunter. Now she is the prey… Sky escaped a vicious warlord after years in his service and found refuge. And on a new Earth, one conquered by aliens, her freedom hinges on no one recognizing who she really is…

When a mysterious rebel pilot blows up two alien airships and crash lands into her life, he draws more than the invaders’ attention to her. Forced into helping the rebel reach his destination, Sky will embark on a journey across a savage land where something worse than alien hunters and blood-thirsty humans stalks them.

In a world where the ruthless thrive and survival is everything, can Sky trust her new companion and survive this perilous journey? Or will he prove to be the biggest threat of all?

Expected Aug 2022

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Animated Book Cover & Web Banner Service

I recently had a book cover animated, and I loved the effects. So, of course, I wanted to find out how to do it myself. And it’s not that difficult, it just requires a little time and investment. I’d like to offer other authors the same joy it has brought me at a very low price. I’ve started a page on Fiverr and below you can see the ones I’ve done for myself and a few samples to show other effects that can be done.

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