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Do you listen to music while you write? IMG_0704
I certainly do. I find the pacing of songs helps set the scene and mood I create in my mind. I have spent hours searching for music that takes me on an inspirational journey. Mostly, I prefer instrumental music as I find lyrics can be distracting while churning out the words that paint pictures.

I wanted to share some of the music I’ve found over the years in case you are looking for some yourself. I have tried to group them as best as possible below, sorry if it’s not perfect.
They are listed by song name, album name, artist.

Fast Pace/ Adventure
Black Sun (feat. Celldweller), Veiled Nation, James Dooley
Echelon, Pillars of Creation, Jack Trammell
Escape Artist,Into the Trees, Zoë Keating
Fire Dance, Illumination, Jennifer Thomas
Highland Storm, Blood of the Dragon, Nox Arcana
Knights and Lords, Epica, Audiomachine
The New Earth, Epica, Audiomachine
The Wings of Icarus (feat. James Dooley), Soundtrack for the Voices In My Head, Vol. 02, Celldweller
Untouchable, Rage, Xtortion Audio

Fight Scenes/ Escapes (more sinister)
Critical Mass, Pillars of Creation, Jack Trammell
Durga, Makara, E.S. Posthumus
Kronos, Position Music – Orchestral Series Vol. 04 – Action/Adventure/Fantasy, James Dooley
Scorponok, Transformers: The Score, Steve Jablonsky
Sirens of Hyperion, Trilogy – Single, Audiomachine
The Guardians, Verge of Total Chaos (Original Soundtrack), Danny Cocke
Trinity, Position Music – Orchestral Series Vol. 2, James Dooley
Unstoppable, Makara, E.S. Posthumus

Slower Pace
Elements, Lindsey Stirling
Follow the Nightingale, THE VOICE, KOKIA
I Still Have a Soul, Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 4 – ES011, Epic Score
Optimist, Into the Trees, Zoë Keating
Resolve, Resolve – Single, Nathan Lanier
Sand (feat. Karen Whipple), Sand (feat. Karen Whipple) – Single, Nathan Lanier
Torn - SingleSomething to Believe In, Epic Action & Adventure, Vol. 12 – ES025, Epic Score
Song of the Caged Bird, Lindsey Stirling
Torn, Torn – Single, Nathan Lanier (one of my all time favourites)

The selection of music above is more attuned to the fantasy genre. Hope you find something you like, this is not an extensive list of the songs I have by any means 😉

Do you have any favourites that you listen to?


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  1. Absolutely agree. You can’t beat a good orchestral score. I listen to them even when I’m not writing and it helps me come up with new ides or go over ideas when I’m out and about.

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