Review: Snow like Ashes

snowlikeashesSnow like Ashes by Sara Raasch
Book One of a Trilogy
Release date: October 14th 2014
Publisher: Balzer + Bray  (Harper)

Genre: YA, High Fantasy, Alternate Universe
Overall Score: 3 out 5

What’s it About?
Tag line: “A heartbroken girl. A fierce warrior. A hero in the making.
In Short: We follow the perspective of 16 year orphan Meira, a Winterian who has lost her country and is one of eight refugees, which includes the future King, fighting to get their Kingdom back from an evil sorcerer.

Chakram_newWhat did I like?
Well, hello Xena fans! Yes that is a gorgeous Chakram on the front cover and it looks exactly like Xena’s second Chakram. Young Meira’s weapon of choice is… wait for it…. a Chakram! Really what more do you want? Maybe that the Chakram would split in two like Xena’s did but well we can’t have everything. So as a character I quite liked Meira, she was a fairly believable sixteen year old who thinks she knows better and realizes later that maybe she didn’t after all. The book is well written (especially for a debut novel) and the world building is done well, I especially liked the idea of the Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) Kingdoms, very Faesque. The book starts off great and pulls you in quickly and I smiled like a lunatic when Prince Theron appeared, unfortunately he doesn’t debut until later in the book. Lastly I was happily surprised that there was a proper resolution, it didn’t have a teeth gnawing cliff hanger like some trilogies have.

What I didn’t like…. **SPOILER ALERT skip this section if you don’t want ’em.
I loved the story until I got to chapter 22. I feel like it climaxed too early. It truly followed a story arch like story arcthe one on the right, but the final climax was anti climatic in my opinion and the three chapters in Meira spends in the work camp could’ve been condensed to one. I almost skipped these chapters all together. I found the last third of the book less entertaining than the first two-thirds. The book is a little choppy at times jumping from dream/ vision scenes to reality and other time it feels like an information dump. The action scenes are not bad just not as fast paced as I like them. The story was predictable, it was supposed to be a big revelation but I’d already guessed it chapters before; Meira was Hannah’s daughter, because why else would she be having the dreams, and why else would we be reading about her if she wasn’t important. I acutally would’ve like it better if she hadn’t turned out to be the next Queen. It would’ve been more interesting if she was some freak of nature 😉 but oh well, being Queen is good too, now she is worthy of Theron. Also I didn’t like that out of the major characters only the bad guys died. It was a happy ending where Sir, an ass of a General who should be whipped for treating the future Queen as he did but is the closest thing to a father for Meira, was miraculously healed and didn’t die like she thought he had. His death could’ve brought about so much growth potential for Meira. Those are just my opinions though….

Will I continue reading the series?
Yes, I probably will. Maybe more for the Chakram than anything else, just kidding. It wasn’t a bad read and I am interested to see where the author will take the journey next. Most likely however, I will wait until all the books in the series are released before I hop back in bed with Meira and hopefully Theron.

Final say:
Pick it up and read it! It’s got Chakrams in it!! 😀
Okay so I’m a Xena fangirl…. Also if you aren’t as nit-picky as me you will probably enjoy it more, it’s got a 4.06 avg rating on goodreads so it’s worth a shot.

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