CS Update: At the Content Editor


I have some exciting updates to share!

The Cardinal Sky manuscript was just submitted to Angie, my content editor. She will spend a few weeks with it and point out ways I can make the story better for you. She’ll be looking at things like: Plot holes, character development and motivations, inconsistences, pacing, readability and more.

And the cover design is done!! But I won’t be releasing it for another couple of months. Sorry, but you can see a sneak peek below. And also you can see my new Sky close up on my homepage banner.

And I will start a newsletter service soon too. There will be no spam, I promise! Just updates about The Sky Saga 1, The Cardinal Sky. You can click here or sign up from my homepage.

While book one is with the editor, I will be working hard on book two! And I should warn WattPad readers that the published version of Cardinal will differ greatly from the WattPad version. And hopefully, all the changes are for the better!

Stay tuned for some teasers over the next few months.

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