The Cardinal Sky Cover Revealed

The Cardinal Sky Cover Revealed

Coming this summer!

I am so happy to reveal the cover of my debut novel, The Cardinal Sky.

If you can’t tell from the cover, it is a Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic novel, set ten years after aliens set off a global EMP and conquer Earth. The story follows four characters, with the main being the kick-ass female, Sky, on the front cover. I am still working on the blurb, and can I just say writing a ninety-thousand word novel is easier than writing a 150 word book blurb! But hopefully I’ll have one soon and it can take its rightful place next to this cover.

A couple of other updates:

Last Friday, I received The Cardinal Sky back from my content developer. Since then, I’ve been busy writing up the next draft to have it ready in time for my line editor.


The Cardinal Sky also has a Goodreads page now too. Please add it to your to read shelf when you get the chance.

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