Book One: Summer’s Disgrace

A forbidden mate romance.

I’m not just any mongrel. I’m a bastard royal.

The best thing my mother ever did was disown me and ship me off to The Bloods Academy—a haven for mongrels and other supernatural races. I’d finally escaped the horrors of the Summer Court until the Elder’s Council announced my school’s merger with the Dragon Academy—packed with super powerful stuck up pure-bloods. Now, it’s up to me to protect the three friends I have left, a werewolf, a dryad, and a human mage from the incoming dragons. Even if one of them is the most powerful winter dragons born in generations—The Winter Prince. The ass, who had my first kiss, then destroyed my life.

And thanks to my royal status, I’m separated from my friends, placed in class one with all the pure-bloods, and thrown back into the court politics I was so desperate to escape. I’ve no backup and a professor from the Dragon Academy who looks at me like I’m gum on the sole of his shoe. But when the elders reveal the real reason for the merger, none of it will matter anymore.

 My past demons will pale in comparison.

Welcome to the start of my last year in the Bloods Academy, the most hellish year of all.

Expected Jan 2023

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