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A reflection on 2022 as a debut author

Bye bye 2022 and what a year it was! I’m still tying to process that I can say ‘I’m a published author…’ It’s still a bit mind blowing that I somehow managed to publish three books on Amazon and one free short story. 😁 ▶︎What did I publish?◀︎ The Sky Saga Book 1: The Cardinal Sky (Aug 31) Book 2: The Scarlet Sphere (Nov 9) Sky Saga Prequel Book 1: Broken Sky (Nov 16) Sky Saga Short Reliance Sky ▶︎How have the books been Performing?◀︎ The Cardinal Sky: Honestly, better than expected. I thought…

It’s Live!! My Debut Novel, The Cardinal Sky.

So… on August 31st, 2022 I launched my debut novel, The Cardinal Sky!! Probably one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life… Will people like it? Will they buy it? Am I going to get a whole host of 1⭐️ reviews? Those were all the thoughts going through my mind 😆 but almost two weeks in and I’ve been happily surprised. I have sold a few and got a few amazing reviews on Amazon! And some on Goodreads too. Distributing the ARCs seemed to pay off, although not everyone left reviews, but that’s…

ARC Reviewers wanted

FREE BOOK! ARCs for The Cardinal Sky, a science fantasy/ post apocalyptic novel coming out at the end of this month, are available for a limited time. Please visit to get your free copy.Thanks 🙂

Got my first Paperback PROOF!

VERY EXCITING! A couple of days ago, I got the first PROOF copy for the paperback version of The Cardinal Sky and it looks pretty sweet. Unfortunately, the printing is a little out of alignment on the side and back, so I’ll need to adjust it. But it looks like I should be able to release the paperback on the same day as the ebook version 🤞 The Cardinal Sky is available for Pre-Order and scheduled for release August 31st, 2022.