The Cardinal Sky Trailer

THE SKY SAGA 1- The Cardinal Sky

Falling Skies meets Revolution.

She was the hunter. Now she is the prey …

On a new Earth conquered by aliens, Sky escaped a vicious warlord after years in his service and found a refuge. Her freedom hinges on no one finding out who she is.
But when a mysterious rebel pilot blows up two alien airships and crash-lands into her life, he draws more than the warlord’s attention to her. Forced into helping the rebel reach his destination, Sky will embark on a journey across a savage land where something worse than aliens and blood-thirsty humans is stalking them.

In a world where the ruthless thrive and survival is everything, can Sky trust her new companion and survive this perilous journey? Or will he prove to be the biggest threat of all?

An action-packed adventure where survival is everything.

THE SKY SAGA Prequel 1 – Broken Sky

An explosion on the moon sets off a chain of events that no one expected…

Until a few minutes ago, Sky’s biggest concern was trying to get access to the internet again after losing her privileges—for hacking into the Harvard Library server. Then, the moon explodes, her dad leaves, and the local petrol station goes up in flames. Sky and family flee the city, but while they’re on the road, things only get worse… 

Gray tries to put on a brave face as his father packs, after being recalled to duty. Left alone, waiting for his dad’s girlfriend to collect him, Gray watches the erupting LA’s streets outside his window. Hours later, the girlfriend’s never shows. And with the violence outside only getting worse, Gray has to decide. To stay or brave the violent streets alone?  

THE SKY SAGA 2 – The Scarlet Sphere

THE SKY SAGA Prequel 2 – Scarlet General (title subject to change)


She abandoned her people, and he betrayed his.
Together, they’ll embark on an impossible mission.


He has a price on his head, and only she can save him.
Together, they will fight for the crimson throne.

The Fire Sword

The Blood Mantle

*order and title names subject to change

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