The Sky Saga

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Reliance Sky: A post apocalyptic adventure.

She’ll do anything to save him …

Seven years after an alien invasion, Sky and her little brother escape a vicious warlord and hide in the savage wilds of Earth’s new forests, but when cannibals kidnap her brother and his trail fades. Can Sky find him before it’s too late?

 Intended for mature readers. Trigger warnings: swearing, violence, and death. Approx. 12.5k words.

This is a prequel short story to The Cardinal Sky, available on Kindle Unlimited.

THE SKY SAGA 1- The Cardinal Sky

She was the hunter. Now, she’s the prey.

Sky survived the aftermath of an alien invasion by becoming an infamous warrior in a bloodthirsty warlord’s army. Then, to protect her brother, she deserted and her freedom hinges on her identity remaining a secret.

When a rebel with an impossible mission blows up two invaders’ airships and crash-lands into Sky’s life, he thrusts her into a battle she doesn’t believe in, and draws more than the warlord’s attention to her.

Pursued by deadly aliens and the warlord’s generals, they flee across a transformed land, but in this new world where the ruthless thrive and survival is everything, can Sky trust the rebel or will he prove to be the biggest threat of all?

This book is intended for mature readers.

If you love powerful heroines, tortured heroes, morally gray characters, and slow burn romances, you’ll love this nonstop action, post-apocalyptic adventure.

THE SKY SAGA 2 – The Scarlet Sphere

He deceived her from the start. Now, he’s her only hope.

The Deserter:
To save her friends, Sky will have to trust a rebel with more secrets than her and fight in the Wild cages for supplies and weapons. But an old enemy has laid a trap and if they capture Sky, she may never escape…

The Rebel:
Ryan can’t leave Earth until he finds the evidence he risked his life for. Teamed up with a girl critical to his success, he manipulates her again, willing to do anything to achieve his goal but when his plans go wildly astray. Can he save her, or he will he be powerless to help?

The General:
After receiving a brutal punishment for letting Sky escape, the warlord has given Gray a second chance. He is forced to serve a General who wants him dead, and with his lover’s life now on the line, failure is not an option. But will he be able to forsake his soul and sentence her to a fate worse than death?

THE SKY SAGA Prequel 1 – Broken Sky

An explosion on the moon sets off a chain of events that no one expected…

Until a few minutes ago, Sky’s biggest concern was trying to get access to the internet again after losing her privileges—for hacking into the Harvard Library server. Then, the moon explodes, her dad leaves, and the local petrol station goes up in flames. Sky and family flee the city, but while they’re on the road, things only get worse… 

Gray tries to put on a brave face as his father packs, after being recalled to duty. Left alone, waiting for his dad’s girlfriend to collect him, Gray watches the erupting LA’s streets outside his window. Hours later, the girlfriend’s never shows. And with the violence outside only getting worse, Gray has to decide. To stay or brave the violent streets alone?


Some secrets are so powerful, they destroy worlds.

After surviving cannibalistic monsters, and a psychopathic General, Sky is closer to the alien base where her friends are being held captive than she’s ever been. And the person she trusts most in the world just agreed to help her. Everything is finally coming together until the man she thought would be their saviour stands back and watches as she’s snatched up by the most deadly enemy of all.

Now she has to escape before he breaks her body and mind. But the longer she stays with the enemy, the more she realises everything she’s been told is a lie. Will Sky be able to embrace her new reality fast enough to survive? Or will her world shatter first?

THE SKY SAGA Prequel 2 – Scarlet Legend

THE SKY SAGA Prequel 3 – Fallen General


He has a price on his head, and only she can save him.
Together, they will fight for the crimson throne.

The Flaming Sword

The Blood Mantle

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