Names resources:

  • I like Namesberry. They have a whole bunch of different list; unique names, names related to astrology, currently trending names, foreign names; some made up names even. Out of all the baby name websites this is definitely my favorite.
  • Another pretty thorough one is BabyNames. It has must of the same list but doesn’t have the fun scrolling recently searched name list like namesberry has.
  • Having trouble thinking up surnames, or looking for ones with specific meanings, then check out this website, Behind the Name. It has hundreds of surnames from all around the world and their meanings.
  • 20,000 Names from around the world has almost everything. First names, surnames and also categories like Warrior Names, Dragon Names, Weapon names and other interesting lists.
  • For those of you writing fantasy or SciFi genre, this is a little gem- Fantasy name generator. The website contains categories such as; Alien names, Centaur names, Futuristic names, Mermaid names, Robot names and about twenty more. It also contains lists for places (Fantasy, Elven… and many more) and planets (I love this one). You can even create your own cost of arms here! As I said a little gem.

Critique/ Feedback websites:

  • The best one I’ve found is Scribophile.
  • Online Writing Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror
  • Wattpad
  • Ink It
  • Booksie
  • Figment

Writing books:

  • Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card
  • The first 50 pages by Jeff Gerke

Writing/ Planning Software:

  • Scrivner
  • Plottr
  • Bibisco

Editing software/ platforms:

  • Grammerly
  • Prowritingaid
  • Autocrit

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